The Pills are turning heads wherever they travel with their over-the-top brand of power-pop. This brash young band from Boston executes their manic live shows with the poise of seasoned pros and the unrestrained energy of the most hyperactive garage combo.

The Pills came to be when guitarist/singer David Thompson met bassist/singer Corin Ashley outside a Boston record store as they waited in line for tickets to see the Replacements open for Elvis Costello. They recognized each other from the local club scene and struck up a conversation. Both were dissatisfied with the state of rock in 1995, being the tail end of the grunge revolution. They wanted to do something exactly the opposite of standing around in your street clothes, staring at your shoes and everybody just playing an open G chord while some lead singer moaned.

Conveniently, David and Corin's bands broke up not long after they met and they had a chance to put this plan into action. The danger of the nascent Pills being just another Boston pop band was thwarted by the discovery of one Clyde O'Scope. A chance guitarist by vocation, Mr. O'Scope was discovered outside the legendary Boston rock club "The Rat" after being escorted from the premises. Clyde was the X-factor the boys needed to create their unique sound. Add the absolute shellacking that Jamie Vavra gives to any drum set he's associated with, and you get the band that Boston's leading local music publication says is "poised to become America's greatest band."

Already the press and radio have begun to notice. In addition to the countless snippets of praise from local and international press, the Pills 1997 vinyl single Scooter Gurl received substantial amounts of airplay throughout the Boston area, and was a favorite at local rock clubs and mod-flavored dance clubs. WFNX included the B-side in its top 10 local songs of 1997 and WBCN asked the Pills to be the only local band to play in their 1998 Xmas Rave festival. Jim Beam Bourbon sponsored a national talent search that named the Pills as the best unsigned band in America which eventually led to the band being signed. The Pills are most at home in rock clubs. They regularly perform throughout New England and have recently completed their first national tour playing with such artists as Reverend Horton Heat, Jimmy Cliff, Julianna Hatfield, The Smithereens, The B-52s and The Village People (true!). The wide variety of audiences all reacted positively to the high energy that the Pills bring to the stage. Sharp shards of guitar mix with lush vocal harmonies and an uncompromising sense of volume to leave the audience pleasantly stunned. This is music for fast driving that guarantees to make your toe shoot up in your shoe.

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